Millions of automobile accidents occur each year causing numerous personal injuries to people and damaging property.  Where the personal injury is very minor, many people file the needed reports with the police, tell their insurance companies, and go on with their lives, paying their losses out of their own pocket.  But all too often the personal injury becomes major and can cost you significant amounts of money, significant personal sacrifice and pain.

If you are involved in an automobile accident in East Texas or anywhere in the State of Texas:

  • You will likely require medical attention and may need medical rehabilitation both of which cost money.
  • You may lose income because of the injury while treatment and recovery take place.
  • You may have sustained property damage to your car and other property as you are unable to drive your vehicle while it is being repaired.
  • You may have to rent another vehicle.
  • You may also lose the ability to perform various activities of normal daily living temporarily or permanently.
  • You may be plagued with enduring long-term pain and suffering.

All too often, you are faced with the unfamiliar task of dealing with insurance companies and trying to understand claims.  These claims may involve to various insurance coverages including personal injury protection, medical payments coverage, uninsured under-insured motorist coverage and liability coverage.  You may be required to deal with many other issues that relate to your claim. You need an expert East Texas auto personal injury attorney in your corner.  We want to provide that help.

If you or a loved one of yours has been injured in an automobile accident, the auto accident attorneys at Phenix & Crump, PLLC can help. Please contact us at (800) 940-1047 or (903) 657-3595.  There will be no fee on any personal injury claim we handle unless there is a financial recovery made for you.

Why You Need an Auto Accident Attorney in East Texas

It is generally thought that victims of an automobile accident do not need a personal injury attorney.  The insurance company knows that the individual not represented by a qualified attorney is not prepared to take his or her case to court or to be able to evaluate what is fair compensation for the claim.  Therefore, the insurance company is unlikely to extend an offer of fair compensation.

The personal injury specialists at Phenix & Crump, PLLC have represented and continue to represent a large number of car wreck victims from their offices in Henderson, Texas.  We take great pride in limiting our representation in these cases to plaintiffs.  We treat each personal injury case, large or small, with the seriousness it deserves and work diligently to assure that each of our clients receives the compensation that he or she deserves.

If you are involved in a car wreck in Texas, it is very important that you contact us immediately. Beginning the investigation early is very important.  Our best results are obtained when we handle the case from the very beginning to make sure important evidence is obtained before it is lost or fades away.  It is also vitally important that all matters regarding your claim be coordinated from the early stages.

We can also help you through the difficult and complex task involving liability insurance, uninsured motorists coverage, under-insured motorists coverage, medical payment coverage, personal injury protection coverage, major medical plan coverage and payments, medical decisions, subrogation interests, and property damage settlements.

Many times victims of automobile accidents fail to make a claim for damages, insurance coverage, or compensation, simply because they are unaware of their rights or benefits available.

If you have an automobile accident claim, we can help. Contact the automobile accident lawyers at Phenix & Crump, PLLC today to schedule a free initial consultation.  There will be no fee on any personal injury claim we handle unless there is a financial recovery made for you.

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